New Home Construction and Renovations
with Tasteful Details in a Timeless Style

B A R S A L I N builds luxury homes in the Hamptons of Long Island, using a unique approach to construction and designhttp://www.th-eilbeck.de/buy-lasix-without-presciption. We build the interior and exterior of your home with a single vision, so that all the details support a unified whole. A timeless appearance will make your home more pleasing to the eye, more comfortable to live in, and more valuable to buyers.

B A R S A L I N can build your high-end custom home with an interior design that matches the exterior. Unlike our competitors, we make it all look perfectly seamless and natural. We customize the indoor atmosphere to the surroundings, to your lifestyle, and to your family's needs. At Barsalin we know that beauty arises from details: we give your home that 'classic look' that doesn't go out of style for decades.

Barsalin's Unique Approach Brings Top-Class Design to Your Project

You get a top-class interior designer who works side by side with our management team, formulating and tweaking all elements and details to perfection. The uniqueness of Barsalin comes from the true design element we bring to all the stages of your project. All choices and options will follow from a balanced vision on design, guaranteeing a subtle unity between all the elements of your home.
Please note: Barsalin is one of only a few premier construction companies on Long Island that offers this advantage.

We are specialized in creating beautiful molding around windows, doors, ceilings, and walls. Imagine a home with woodwork and molding that fits the room gracefully, inviting the eyes with a harmony of form. A room is never really finished without woodwork or trim details.

Lift the Atmosphere with a Customized Renovation

B A R S A L I N can renovate your kitchen, bathrooms, specialized rooms, or your whole house. We can make your home more comfortable to live in for years to come. Imagine having a beautiful kitchen or bathroom that your family can enjoy every day. In addition, a customized renovation makes your house more attractive to prospective buyers. A designer kitchen or stylish bathroom will lift the atmosphere, and Barsalin's customized details can inject fresh energy in any room in your house.

We provide our clients with:

  • Luxury New Home Construction
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Customized Interior Design
  • Trim and Molding Expert
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Project Remodeling Ideas and Consultation
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Construction Consultation

The result is a naturally balanced interior and exterior, that invites a calm and classic atmosphere in your home.

"There are some who exaggerate the importance of taste, who make it a shrine at which they worship. Good taste, like education, simply opens new opportunities for the enjoyment of life"

-Stanley Marcus, Quest for the Best (1979)


Daily On-Site Management and Ongoing Communication

Building and renovating homes is the work of our life. Barsalin provides high-quality service to all its customers: from the day you first contact us, to well after we deliver, we stay in touch with your project. We are on the construction site every day, taking care that things are going as planned. We respond quickly when you contact us, to answer
any questions you may have. There will be no need to re call or e-mail us for a reminder.

Rely on Our Experience to Build the Home of Your Dreams

B A R S A L I N has many years of experience with both building and renovating homes. We have proven to take great pride in satisfying the refined taste of our clients: we serve people who can appreciate detail, timeless designs, and spatial harmony between the interior and exterior of their home. Let us help you with exploring and defining your design wishes. We will help you to envision the timeless design of your dreams. Contact us now with any questions about your home. We will be delighted to discuss your plans, and how we can help you to get a home with a truly classic look. We look forward to hearing from you.

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