Site Evaluation

The importance of site planning cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, it's an area of discussion that is often overlooked. Experienced land planners on our team can help you through this very important step. The primary reasons for wanting to produce an accurate site plan include:

  • Making sure that the home design that you have dreamed of can be built on a  particular location on your lot. For example, locating the proper slope so a walk out basement can be incorporated into the design
  • Maximizing view corridors
  • Developing your site access (referred to as an “access study”) while minimizing steep drives, expensive retaining walls, long and therefore costly    utility runs, and at the same time finding solutions that meet local codes.
  • Understanding lot requirements and restrictions, such as setbacks, easements, utility locations, access points, local building codes.

We assist and advise you with this stage as your home cannot be properly designed, placed, or accurately priced without a site plan



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